Greenplan are proud to craft homes with character, a personal touch, and a strong connection to our local community.

We go above and beyond to ensure that each of our fantastic homes carries a unique, high-quality signature. How do we do it? We join hands with local artisans and producers who share our commitment to excellence.

Step into one of our homes, and you'll discover the difference. From individual bath and home gifts to the wine you find in your new kitchen, each home it's stocked with premium products from a local producer. Find out more about our collaborators below

Ridgeview - English Sparkling Wine from East Sussex

Introducing our exclusive wine collaborator, Ridgeview. We’re proud to stock each of our finished properties with Ridgeview’s exquisite English Sparkling Wine from East Sussex.

We believe in infusing the essence of our community into every detail of your home, and our partnership with Ridgeview is a testament to that commitment. Raise your glass to a life of local pride,and unforgettable moments in your new home. Cheers!

Evans & Knight - Interior Designers

At Greenplan, we believe that luxury should be lived in, and Evans & Knight’s creative touch perfectly complements our designer homes. Together, we transform houses into personalised sanctuaries where quality, style, and practicality unite seamlessly.

Based in London and the South of England, Evans & Knight help us craft luxurious homes that exude quality and value. What sets them apart? A deep client relationship, ensuring tailored design solutions that reflect individual tastes, while seamlessly merging practicality and comfort with opulence.

Marram - Home & Gifts

Marram are a Sussex-based homeware haven that brings charm and comfort to your new Greenplan home.

When you step into one of our properties, expect your living space to be thoughtfully adorned with an array of beautiful products from Marram. From fragrant candles that set the mood to luxurious soaps that pamper your senses and cozy furnishings that envelop you in warmth, every detail has been chosen to make your house a true home.

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