Land Purchase

Navigating the sale of land can be an unnerving and unpredictable journey, but the ultimate gains can be truly remarkable.

The value of your prospective plot often pivots on securing a favourable planning consent and that is where we specialise and where we can help.

Our forte lies in land acquisitions, with or without existing planning permissions. We bring the expertise and financial backing required to deliver your project through the planning phase, dedicated to unlocking the land's hidden value while staying true to your goals

Our Locations

Greenplan Designer Homes takes pride in its specialisation in the beautiful region of Sussex, located in the picturesque South-East of England. With a deep-seated knowledge of the local real estate landscape, we understand that in Sussex, the value of your land often hinges on securing the right planning consent.

This region is known for its unique blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and growing demand, making it an ideal location for property development.


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If you own a parcel of land - with or without planning consent - and see its untapped potential, we are the ideal partners to bring your vision to life.

Fill out the form and we will get back to you to arrange a free, no-obligation discussion over the potential you land holds

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